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More Local Aesthetic News...
Problem with Gynecomastia? MyShape Lipo releases the New Minimally Invasive Liposuction Treatment

ďIíve personally had this procedure done and could not be happier. Itís something that has bothered me throughout my childhood and kept me from enjoying the pool and beach due to insecurities. Now Iím confident and feel normal with my shirt off. Itís literally changed the way I live my life.Ē said Trevor Schmidt PA-C after personally experiencing the new Minimally Liposuction Treatment of MyShape Lipo. Schmidt is the liposuction specialist at MyShape Lipo who already performed 1,000 Gynecomastia procedures out of 15,000 liposuctions he did. The advantages of this procedure are: it is more affordable than other options, general anesthesia is eliminated for safety and scars are almost invisible. With experienced liposuction specialist, MyShape Lipo is a specialty liposuction clinic located in Las Vegas, NV. Mark Ferguson from Memphis, TN even added, after he had his chest treated at MyShape Lipo 2 months ago, that ďI couldíve gone to the pool the next day with my shirt off if it werenít for the bruising,Ē says Mark. ďMy chest is like a manís chest should be. Itís just amazing.Ē About 70% of MyShape Lipo patients come from other states to experience their services with affordable prices and good quality of customer service.

Enhance Breasts and Butts with Fat Transfer

Through liposuction, fat can be removed from an unwanted area like the abdomen and injected back into the same patient's breast or butt for enhancement. MyShape Lipo has developed new techniques to take fat from areas it is unwanted and recycle it by transferring the fat from liposuction to the patient's breasts or buttocks.

Signature Smiles, Now Offering Invisalign Consult and $500 Off Treatment

Premier Las Vegas dentist, Signature Smiles, is now offering a complimentary Invisalign consult and $500 off the treatment. The clear braces treatment is revolutionary as Invisalign is removable for brushing and eating. Invisalign represents the latest technology in braces that get the job done well while being virtually invisible. Every two weeks, the plastic aligners are replaced by the Las Vegas Invisalign certified dentist. There are no metal brackets, posts, or rubber bands to deal with.

Take Home Whitening Treatment for Only $1

The premier dentist in Las Vegas, Signature Smiles, is now offering a custom take home whitening treatment for only $1. This adds to the other specials at the practice which include a cleaning, exam and x-rays for only $59, a $1 Emergency Exam, or $500 off Invisalign clear braces.

Signature Smiles offering new patients an exam, cleaning and x-rays for only $59

Premier dentist in Las Vegas, Signature Smiles, is now offering new patients an exam, cleaning and x-rays for only $59. The practice accepts a large number of insurance plans along with offering financing. Signature Smiles offers comprehensive Las Vegas dental treatments including cosmetic options such as teeth whitening, dental implants, crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures.

MyShape Lipo Announces Their Fight Against Obesity

MyShape Lipo has taken an active stance to promote the benefits of large volume liposuction to assist in the overall plan to reduce the weight. While liposuction is not thought of as a weight loss procedure, the encouragements of a smaller frame can keep individuals motivated to stick to their diet and exercises to attain the long term goal.

MyShape Lipo Makes Returning to work the same day

Tiffany Rasmussen of Las Vegas had chin liposuction at MyShape Lipo on her lunch break and returned to work that same afternoon. Liposuction can now safely be completed in an office setting in about an hour in many cases. MyShape Lipo offers minimally invasive liposuction while the patient is awake under only local anesthesia. The micro instruments used for this procedure are much less traumatic to the surrounding tissues which leads to less bleeding, less bruising and a quicker recovery.

Fat Transfer Changing The Cosmetic Industry

The use of expensive, temporary injectable fillers may be a thing of the past. Fat offers natural, long lasting and consistent results to make patients look years younger. MyShape Lipo is changing the way people think about anti aging. Transferring one's own fat to areas of deficiencies is quickly becoming a safer, more effective, longer lasting and cost efficient way to decrease the signs of aging.

New Anti-aging Services of Fat Transfer to the Face and Hands

MyShape Lipo, a specialty liposuction clinic located in the Las Vegas area offer new anti-aging services of fat transfer to the face and hands to replace lost volumes from aging. In an attempt to better serve their patients, fat transfer to the face and hands is a permanent and more cost efficient solution to these aging issues.